About Us

Renewus Wellness

Renewus provides evidence based, customized health and wellness and preventative care programs. We utilize 21st century lab analysis, combined with diagnostic imaging, hormone and metabolic modulation, nutrition consultation, and lifestyle consultation to identify and improve critical issues within each person’s body that may be adversely impacting their health / quality of life already or in the future.  Our high level testing, creates the opportunity to assist and accelerate the results you desire, pinpointing treatment based on your results and catered to you and you only. No one person will have the same treatment as no one person is the same.  Our competitive advantage is a direct result of our evidence based program.  Markers identified in each patient allows us to utilize that patient’s health insurance for payment of many of these services.  No other wellness program is this comprehensive.  Our intent is to make medicine pro-active instead of reactive, saving our patients and health insurance organizations money in the process.

 Services We Offer:
  • Age Management

  • Biomedical Hormonal Replacement for Women

  • Biomedical Hormonal Replacement for Men

  • Weight Loss Treatments

  • Aesthetic Treatments