Aesthetic Treatments

Renewus offers a variety of anti-aging and aesthetic treatment options to help you look and feel good! Our specialists can identify and treat a number of diseases and symptoms using the latest therapies and treatments. We offer plenty of services including bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, botox injections, and various other skin treatments.



  • Botox Injections and Dermal Fillers

    Two of the most common treatment modalities for wrinkles and the aging face include Botox and Dermal fillers. Botox typically treats dynamic wrinkles, or “wrinkles of motion”. These areas are typically around the eyes and above. Treatment with botox typically lasts 3 months. Fillers are used to treat static wrinkles, volume loss, and folds. They are also used to augment certain facial and body features such as lips and hands. The most common fillers used today utilize a gel like substance which is made up of hyaluronic acid. This is in different concentrations in order to achieve different results, depending on the area/areas being treated. Typically, higher concentrations fillers are used to fill more volume loss and lower percentage fillers are used on lips, fine lines, and around the eyes. Some common areas that are treated are the nasolabial folds, marionette lines, lips, cheek and chin augmentation, and on the hands for volume loss that occurs as we age. Hyaluronic acid fillers look completely natural and are extremely safe as hyaluronic acid is naturally in tissues throughout the body. Fillers typically last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years, depending on the product used, among other factors.
  • Derma Roller

    This is a relatively new process for skin resurfacing. It does not use laser or heat so there is no collateral skin damage. It can be used to soften or alleviate scars and create a much smoother skin surface. It can be used on all skin types. Healing times is less than other modes of therapy and is safely, effectively and near painlessly carried out under topical anesthesia in the office.
  • Skin Lesion Biopsies and Skin Tag Removals

    Skin tags are common in people that have developed insulin resistance or are diabetic. These tags can be bothersome and socially an embarrassment. They can easily and effectively get removed in a simple office procedure.