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Weight Loss

Intermittent fasting (IF) has been a growing trend for those looking for weight loss. Its most attractive appeal is how people do not need to count their calories or eliminate certain foods for this diet. However, it is important to at least consider what types of calories you are consuming, to make sure you are full and have energy throughout the day. Fruits, vegetables, fiber-rich foods, and whole grains will definitely help you from feeling deprived during the time you are not eating, compared to sugary or packaged goodies.

But moreover, I will definitely show some weight loss in the short-term, but research shows that long-term weight management is not likely with IF. Weight loss should be a long-term, life goal, and I might not be the way to go.

To get the ultimate weight loss to make you happy, Renewus can help. We can help assist you in your diet plans and weight loss goals. Renewus’ nutritionists will tailor a nutrition plan just for you to achieve the most results. To take care of your body, both insides and outsides, come to Renewus for our weight loss program! We will gladly help you with your process.

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