Why Renewus

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What Is the background and rationale for Renewus?

Primary care and general medicine physicians, including mid-level clinicians, tend to fall in one of three major categories, although the lines between them are not always sharply defined.  The first group includes those who hold on tightly and practice what their specialty sees as “mainstream” medicine.  Their treatments tend to be conservative and they are inclined to change only when research and development reaches print in certain prestigious medical publications.  The second group of practitioners include those who are truly interested in newer advances and ideas.  However, they do not have the time to incorporate these new modalities for any number of reasons, such as time constraints from their practice, professional society norms or peer-pressure from colleagues who do not necessarily agree.  As a result, they are unable to make the desired changes.  The third group of physicians and clinicians include those who commit to finding time and making the effort to keep pace with advances in the identification and treatment of patient conditions which, in turn, produce ever better patient outcomes.  This encompasses stepping "out of the box" by incorporating advanced laboratory testing, genetics, nutrition, and imaging. The goal is to intercede much earlier during the treatment of a disease state.  These may include maladies such as diabetes, cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease, degenerative joint disease, and or hormonal imbalances that go unrecognized until they are difficult to reverse.  The Renewus medical team are members of this third group.  We embrace and use our years of professional study, observation, data collection, and anecdotal records from patient results, not only the results from formal, funded research projects.

What makes Renewus different?

The development of a comprehensive health plan must include areas of Metabolism, Genetics, Nutrition, Hormone balance and Life Style that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient.  We have a commitment to identify, treat, and alleviate the causes of symptoms that manifest in patients.  Many patients have chronic conditions that they have struggled with for years.  Other patients unknowingly sacrifice their health due to their habits and life styles.  Much of the damage may be repaired with proper identification and treatment.  At Renewus, we prefer to use prevention and correct a situation before it creates overt illness. The body has an innate ability to regenerate itself if given the proper treatment.

Why does Renewus make sense for you?

It is always interesting to us in the medical field that people take the time and effort to carefully plan their careers, their finances, their families, and even their vacations, however, so few take the time and effort to really think about their health until their health is at risk.  At Renewus, we look at health management in a totally different way.  Much of what happens with respect to our health does not, and indeed, should not come as a surprise if we take the time to become better informed about ourselves. At Renewus, our goal is to offer life-changing medicine in the hopes we can help patients live longer, live healthier and manage their health in the way they manage any other part of their lives.

Our goal is simply to improve the quality of life for our patients.